All the excitement about our re-brand inspired us to mark the event properly by investing in some personalised clothing. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the™ hoodie, beautifully modelled by our director Sam Lewis. SONY DSC As you can see the hoodie is a particularly dashing shade of orange, much like our wall. It is also soft, warm, durable, machine washable and goes with almost anything, much unlike our wall. Owing to its versatility and its elegant design we are confident that it will become a niche but highly desirable fashion item in its own right. Be prepared to see the hoodie cropping up in market stalls and shops around Shoreditch among the tweed jackets, vintage flannel shirts and hipster boots. To get the full effect of the hoodie we recommend that you lean against an orange wall (so that you blend in mysteriously), adopt a meditative but slightly roguish facial expression (see above photo for guidance) and stare into the distance. Alternatively you could go for the intense ‘blue steel’ pose as demonstrated by Joao Lemos of ‘Joao Knows’ fame. SONY DSC Watch this space for a set of soon to be released dressing gowns, cigars, skateboards and boxing gloves. In the meantime get your hoodie soon before it hits the market and the going gets tougher.