Busy week? Don’t worry – here is a quick roundup of some of the most interesting news and opinion in the digital industry this week.


Speculates on Microsoft’s motivations regarding its ‘tax’ on Android devices. Why has Facebook’s prominence suffered a setback?. Facebook is losing members and browsing time.. MP Diane Abbott criticises lack of diversity in Google’s outreach project in East London. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins claims that ‘tablets are not a good business model’.

Digital Trends

App downloads increased by 12 percent in March according to Fiksu.. Data from Abode suggests that the UK has the largest amount of tablet browsers in the world.. Google Now is launched onto iOs.. Why have Smartphones outsold feature phones for the first time?.


In depth coverage of BlackBerry’s new Q10 smartphone. In depth coverage of Google Glass.. Discusses release of Google Glass and features Google’a how-to video/. Speculation and rumours regarding the iWatch.


Developers at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research are planning on re-creating the first website in existence.. The Financial Times advocates the usage of HTML5..