We are always very busy and hard at work improving our services and updating digifi.it with new features.

Another addition is the ability to customise the loading screen. We have removed the bright white screen with the old spinner and replaced it with a more modern practical screen to improve the experience for your readers.

Levi Freeman, Head of Design & User experience

The colour was toned down so that the contrast between the content they are reading and the loading screen was less of an annoyance. It is a part of the reader that you see all the time, sometimes really quickly and depending on how heavy the content is on any given page – sometimes for longer. We wanted the transition to be less jarring and easier on the eye, therefore we achieved this by replacing the white background with a dark grey background. The interface on the web is dark as standard, so the new loading background colour blends well with that.

– Head of Design Levi Freeman

The loading screen also received another change, the animating loading graphic. Before you could only glean from the graphic that it was loading, not how much it had loaded and whether it had almost finished loading. Now you have more information about what is going on. As the page begins to load the loading graphic will give you a visual representation of the progress it is making.

We are proud to announce that we will be making available the ability to customise the loading graphic so that you can customise and take branding of your web-reader experience to the next level. To see this in action you can see our first client to take advantage of this. Head over to http://app.5mag.co/issue12 and witness #5Magazines custom loading image as you go between pages.

Software Developer

The new loading screen is a big improvement on the overall responsiveness and user feedback of our magazines. It also brings an added flexibility to display our customers own logos and animations while the magazines content is loaded, which is a natural step for digifi.it ‘Your content, everywhere’ vision.

– Software Developer João Lemos

The web reader with the new loading graphic and background colour.

A customised loading graphic.

We will have documentation up next week that will help you take advantage of this new feature.