With the release of Windows 10 this week came a fresh new meme, born from the most unhelpful error message we’ve quite possibly ever seen:

To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 10 has been pretty well received; it’s stable, intuitive and nicely designed. However, the launch has not been without some setbacks. The error “Something Happened” (accompanied by the helpful description: “something happened”) is the first up on our list, and has started to pick up steam on social media as more and more users are attempting to install the new operating system.

This Friday, digifi.it are going to look back at the world’s most used operating system throughout the years – and some of the best errors that came with them.

2. Windows 95

This error comes courtesy of Windows 95 – a rather stable and much-loved OS. However, this particular user found their PC tripping over its own error messages, the digital equivalent of tying your own shoelaces together then trying to go on a jog.

3. Windows XP

For most people, Bluescreen (or the Bluescreen of Death, as it has been known) is pretty much as bad as it gets for Windows users. Unfortunately not for this particular PC, whose operating system couldn’t even handle the BIOS.

4. Windows Vista

Probably the most hated operating system of our time, Windows Vista sent most who updated running back to the user-friendly Windows XP. As tempting as it was to include all of Vista as a Windows Error, we’ve instead opted for this error, which basically sums up the entire Vista experience.

5. Windows 8

Windows 8 was pretty widely rejected by the public. Optimised for touch, the majority of PC users found the OS unfriendly and sluggish. Just a quick Google Search for “Windows 8 is…” will give you a good idea of public opinion.

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