We are please to announce that The Watch Magazine have now added a creative loading screen for their magazine.

In July we announced a new feature of the content reader on the web which allows you to customise your loading screen experience. We explained how “We removed the bright white screen with the old spinner and replaced it with a more modern practical screen to improve the experience for your readers.” We did this by toning down the colour from a stark white to a more darker grey.

In July we wrote “Before you could only glean from the graphic that it was loading, not how much it had loaded and whether it had almost finished loading. Now you have more information about what is going on. As the page begins to load the loading graphic will give you a visual representation of the progress it is making.”

With the improvement we brought along the ability to customise that animation image and now we have Rio Ferdinand’s #5 Magazine, Dream for Honda magazine and today The Watch Magazine has also joined in with a creative take. They used a Watch to count down right until the page has loaded.

Check this our for yourself here at app.thewatchmagazine.com

The Watch Magazine now with loading graphic

If you would also like to have a custom loading graphic feel free to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.