In a bid to take on Facebook in the fight for both publishers and audiences, Apple has announced at its WWDC Developers’ conference in San Francisco that from iOS 9 onwards, they will be scrapping the Newsstand app in favour of the newly-unveiled Apple News application. newsstand On its release, Newsstand was heralded as the saviour of the publishing industry in the face of an increasingly digital world. However, recently there have been concerns that Newsstand hides content rather than promoting it, with more and more publishers turning their back on Newsstand and releasing standalone apps with content from their related websites. So what does this mean for publishers? Honestly? Not that much. All Newsstand content, including that provided by Digifi will simply be moved to the App Store. With the move to the App Store comes increased visibility, both in the store and on the iPad/iPhone homepage, ensuring downloaded brands remain in their audience’s minds even if the content remains unaccessed. The real difference lies in the delivery of news content from Apple, which will now be hiring editors specifically to update the Apple News app. By doing so, Apple is taking a very different path to competitors Facebook and Flipboard, both of whom use algorithms to decide which stories appear in audience’s feeds. The real question is what will happen when one of Apple’s competitors is the news: will the human curators be able to fairly treat the launch of a new Samsung smartphone, for example. The Apple News app will likely exist to add value to Apple’s relationship with those publishing partners involved rather than creating much revenue for the tech giant. You can be sure Digifi will keep out a sharp eye for any aspects of Apple News that we feel will create extra value for our clients and your readers as this story progresses.