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Music to get you through the workday

The fact that most of us listen to music during the workday is no secret, at least here at the headquarters. Spotify released a study last year on people’s music habits during their 9-5s, which showed about two-thirds of people listen to something at their desks, claiming it made them both happier and more productive.

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The Reality of Print vs. Digital

At, we’re all about promoting the benefits of digifi-ing publishable content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re contributing to a conversation as old as the internet itself: Print vs. Digital Publishing.

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Digifi your Corporate Communications

The platform has become synonymous with magazines aimed at engaging and mobilising consumers. However, increasingly large numbers of brands are turning to to create internal and external corporate communications to further motivate and immerse stakeholders in comparison to more traditional print or online methods.


If digital media has become the most accepted and expected method of communicating information to a target audience, why are so many companies still relying on print or PDF documents when communicating with their stakeholders? Read More

No-one Wants Cold News

circa This week it was announced that the atomised news app Circa was going on an “indefinite hiatus” due to lack of funding in the app and, let’s face it, its lack of downloads. So in this world of short attention spans and bitesize info, what led Circa to such a grizzly fate? Read More

The End of iOS Newsstand: WWDC San Francisco

  In a bid to take on Facebook in the fight for both publishers and audiences, Apple has announced at its WWDC Developers’ conference in San Francisco that from iOS 9 onwards, they will be scrapping the Newsstand app in favour of the newly-unveiled Apple News application. newsstand On its release, Newsstand was heralded as the saviour of the publishing industry in the face of an increasingly digital world. However, recently there have been concerns that Newsstand hides content rather than promoting it, with more and more publishers turning their back on Newsstand and releasing standalone apps with content from their related websites. So what does this mean for publishers? Read More