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Samsung Unveils Two Big Phones

The S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. Both phones have 5.7in (14.5cm) screens and are going on sale earlier in the year than their previous generations. It seems the “phablet” trend is still gaining momentum. The launches follow five successive falls in Samsung Electronics’ quarterly profits.

Oracle and Google Dispute Continues

Software giant Oracle is seeking to expand a legal complaint against Google’s Android operating system.
Oracle alleges that Android uses thousands of lines of code from the Java programming language Oracle owns.
The BBC has the full story

UK to test Electric Motorways

Motorists will be able to recharge their cars as they drive if a scheme being proposed by Highways England comes to fruition.The Government Agency announced plans to test wireless power-transfer tech that it hopes to build under the country’s motorways. There are similar roads currently being trialed in South Korea.

In-Car App Store Vinli to Pre-Order

Vinli is a new appstore for your car! Cars may be the ultimate “mobile” device, but until now there have been few efforts to connect them to cloud.
Now, amid rising consumer interest and falling costs, start-ups and automotive giants are trying to exploit a potentially lucrative market. Vinli is a start-up promising an in-car app store for its $99 (£64) device.

Self Destructing Email is Here

More than 200 billion emails are sent across the planet every day, and New York-based start-up Confidential CC says it has a solution to keep them private. Confidential CC is an Android and iOS app which which features self-destructing, encrypted emails that can be viewed only once. They also cannot be forwarded or printed.

Samsung Pay is coming to the UK

An article at Wired states that Samsung Pay will be universally accepted — even by vendors who don’t have a contactless payment terminal. Not only does Samsung Pay work using NFC, but the service also takes advantage of a technology called magnetic secure transmission (MST).