At, when we’re not planning our up-coming summer party, we’re looking for ways to increase the value of your digifi-ed content. By inviting users to register with their email address (or any other info) before allowing access to view your content you are able to track your individual users in real time as they navigate your content; providing real time insights into the habits of your readers. This is why we are now introducing clients to Registration Gateway through the platform.


Registration Gateway works in tandem with our current real-time analytics package, meaning you can not only discover which content works best for you, but also which of your customers are the most valuable — and what keeps them around for longer. This information can be used to drive the evolution of your publication and maximise the success of your content for both you and (for those brands that place advertisements within their content) your advertisers.

You are given full access to the data captured by Registration Gateway, which can then be used for one of its most lucrative components: sending notifications via email, SMS, push notification, in-app message (on both iOS and Android) or webhook. Obviously this depends on the information you ask of your audience before allowing them access to your digifi-ed content, so it’s best to plan your strategy ahead!

All data captured should give you actionable insights that tie back into your business goals. To achieve this, your data requests should be relevant to your content. For example, a food or dietary digifi-ed magazine might ask for the email addresses and dietary requirements of its readers; providing both insight into the demographic of the readership, and also allowing for notifications to be sent based on relevant information.

Once you have your database of users, you have to get creative! You want to engage with your users by ensuring they connect to the content you deliver. A great way to do this is to tailor your notifications with information useful to the person, and what they might need at a given point. Think about whether you’d like to target your users by age, geographical location, gender, income, or any other signifier.

When you publish on the platform, it’s easy and fast to make changes and edits to your content, even once your content is live. With the added insights from Registration Gateway you will be able to quickly adapt to what your most valued customers come back for, and you’ll have plenty of room to play around and see what works for you, your publication and your audience.