Psychic Today January 2014 Issue 25

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to a brand new year – and a brand new you. It’s all fresh starts, new beginnings and – dare we say it – resolutions, here at Psychic Today, and we hope that once you’ve read this month’s special new year issue, you’ll walk away with a spring in your step and some determination to make 2014 YOUR year.

But before we start talking resolutions and makeovers – drum roll please – the results of the Psychic Awards 2013 are in. You’ve been frantically nominating and voting for your favourite psychics, so without further ado, flick straight to page 14 to find out who scooped what award.

Don’t forget to focus on you this January – page 24’s guide to your New Year makeover could be the perfect place for you to start. It aims to give you the guidance you need to overhaul your love and work life, with a little bit of soul-searching along the way. Fed up of flings when you’re looking for commitment? Need to pump up the passion with your long-term partner? Looking for a change in direction at work or chasing a promotion? We hope these resolutions will help you work out what you want from love, life and work this year, and how you could attract it.

And to keep the think-positive ball rolling, why not cut out one of page 42’s inspirational quotes and stick them on your bathroom mirror or in your purse for a daily reminder that 2014 could be your year – be it for a new business venture, a house move or a relationship.

Happy New Year!
Love and light,
Vicky Rhodes
Director of Customer Care, Psychic Today