Psychic Today-July Edition

This month, we’re all about recognising, appreciating and celebrating beautiful, wonderful YOU!

Deep down, we all know that realising the beauty of our inner selves can be the key to contentment – but we all need a little reminding sometimes, and that’s where Psychic Today comes in.

New psychic Marlene shows you how to glow with inner beauty on page 9, whilst Lynzie shares her tips and tricks to boost your confidence on page 14 with five straight forward steps. It’ simpler than you think!

Top psychic Mark tells us how his readings work on page 20, and if that’s not enough inner-beauty-loving guidance for one month, our favourite Agony Aunt, Joanna Scott, is back on page 21 answering your love, life and work questions.

Enjoy the issue!

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July Issue 19.