We are pleased to announce a further upgrade to our web based e-reader which brings with it the following new functionality:

Twitter Embedded Timelines

After upgrading to Twitter’s new API (v1.1) we now support the their Embedded Timeline  which replaces their Join the Conversation widget. The main changes are:

– Improved client side customisation options.

– Interface is adaptive for touch (e.g. actions will always be visible, and spacing adjusted.)

– Graphics optimized for Retina and other high-density displays.

Full details of the new widget can be found in Twitter’s documentation here.

Full Screen Mode

Utilising the new HTML5 Full Screen Javascript API there is now an additional option in the navigation bar allowing readers to trigger the e-reader full screen option directly from within the application interface. The functionality is supported in all modern browsers and allows readers to enjoy your content without the clutter of the browser user interface.

Full Screen Video

Also utilising the new new HTML5 Full Screen Javascript API readers can now use the digifi.it media player to enjoy high quality video in an immersive full screen experience. Once again this is supported in all modern browsers.

Mobile device touch support

The digifi.it e-reader now has touch support for mobile device navigation. Readers can now swipe between pages without having to click on the next and previous page navigation buttons. In addition the the library and grid content views also respond to touch events.