What a wonderful start to the year. We have a number of publications now on Android – Honda Pro Racing line is one addition to the google play store look out for more. Publications are starting to arrive on the Kindle fire store too such as Scents, Co-operative Food Magazine and also Dare Magazine.

This year we will also celebrate the design and workmanship of our agency clients and our platform’s capability by crowning our first page of the month.

Last month we scoured through all the pages that were created, a panel of staff members delegated over the selection of candidate pages. Only one would win. The winner of January’s Page of the month goes to Red Consultancy’s Johnson and Johnson Journalism award Winners and Images portal for their 4th page.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.02.00

The page features a carousel which is the first of its kind on digifi.it. Red Consultancy stepped up to the challenge and broke away from the standard tap on a thumbnail approach and when with a simple but effective carousel.Flanked by directional arrows left and right which navigates through, viewers can browse through the photography from the event.

We look forward to seeing more exciting work from our clients. Look out for next months Page of the month.

It could be yours!