So this is the inaugural post that celebrates our clients’ creativity with how they choose to leverage the capabilities of the platform. Every month we will dedicate a post to a particular page that we feel has surprised us, impressed us and more importantly taken advantage of the system to stun and amaze.

This month We are commending Skateboarder Magazine on an amazing page, something we had not seen our clients do. Personally, the skateboarder magazine has been one of the most visually striking and ambitious magazines I have seen through The Page we are referring to is on page 41&42 where an unremitting bustling city is portrayed behind the interviewee Ishod Weir who stands in place motionless, unaffected in contrast to his surroundings. The audio of the cars, sirens and beeping taxis driving past adds to the visual brilliance transporting you to the middle of the street and placing you standing opposite the man himself. See the page for yourself, view it on mobile desktop or on an iPad.

Page of the month goes to skate boarder for page 41

Levi Freeman
Head of Design and User Experience