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Industry Round-up 31st May 2013

Been busy? Don’t worry- here is a quick round-up of some of the most interesting news and opinion in the digital industry from this week. Read More

Issue #09 of TWO Magazine

TWO Magazine-Issue #09
This month has been engulfed by the film festival that is Cannes. All the celebs were there, the worlds media watched and took note of the best dressed whilst keeping a beady eye open for those “wardrobe malfunctions”. Read More

What does an increase in tablet usage mean for digital publishers?

The Rise of the Tablet

When Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPad in 2010 few could have predicted the huge amount of change this single product would bring to mobile marketing and digital media. Initially the iPad was met with mixed to negative reviews. The most common criticisms were that it was “just a big iPod touch” and didn’t support Read More

Psychic Today on Have I Got News for You

As you may or may not have noticed one of our clients featured on Have I got News for You last Friday. Read More

IC Tomorrow’s Digital Innovation Contest

Hackney Councillor Guy Nicholson opened Digital Shoreditch 2013 last week with a speech highlighting the increasing importance of digital startups for Britain’s economic future. He went so far as to say that rapid development in the technology sector could represent the most significant economic change in the UK since the start of the Read More