The release of Motoring Classics this week provided us with a suitable excuse to go karting. Our tenuously linked celebration of the magazine’s summer edition turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener. I have only this to say; if you want a person’s true colours to emerge stick them behind a wheel in a karting track and see what happens.

Robin Fencott, who is normally so calm and collected around the office, showed us that he is secretly a complete lunatic and had to sit out for dangerous driving twice. Joao Lemos was also sin binned- for driving at an excessively slow pace and holding up the rest of the track. His kart was severely damaged by the end of the race as the braking system was completely knackered. Giacomo Palopoli demonstrated a formidable talent for crashing into barriers and getting himself stuck and Mark ‘the Maverick’ Robinson cheated his way to the top of the table by completely disregarding the rules of the race.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
the good, the bad and the ugly2