Two Magazine Issue 18

It’s a heavy, hectic few weeks for some of the top pro MUAs with Fashion Week featuring in the traditional cultural capitals and the madness of the BAFTAs, Golden Globes and Oscars. But that also means it’s an inspiring time when we get to see what trends will be prevalent for the next six months or so.

It’s worth pointing out to aspiring MUAs though that none of the work just happens on a whim at the shows. A lot of planning and practise has gone on weeks in advance. Trying different looks, experimenting and collaborating with models and photographers to get the feel right before even suggesting to the designers. It’s a world of unpaid graft and passion. And that’s something we have touched on before. If you read most of the interviews we’ve run you’ll see that it’s a recurring theme… graft and passion. You can have a certain amount of talent but to ‘make it’ you need bucketfuls of energy and drive. Make- up artistry is more popular than ever which translates as even more competition for both established and upcoming MUAs.

So never stop practising and get organising test shoots with photographers and models, be your own biggest critic, be honest with yourself and always, always bring graft and passion to the table. It’s tough out there, good luck!

Nic and I are always excited and proud to see old friends and colleagues working the shows and red carpet and honoured that some of them help put TWO together each month for you to hopefully enjoy and be inspired by.
Sam. xx

Issue 18 of Two Magazine