If your audience is connected, we can reach them! With our mix of native apps and cutting-edge HTML5, your content will be accessible on virtually any device.

Newsstand & iOS

With the latest iOS8 features, you can seamlessly push your content through Newsstand and the iTunes app store. This way you can reach millions of new readers.

Animation Toolkit

Harness the power of our flexible animation engine to add interactivity: popups, scrollable text & images, galleries, animated elements, fades and more. The only limit is your imagination!

Fully Hosted Solution

No technical know-how required! All your creations are hosted on our Content Delivery Network, meaning no need for additional infrastructure. Plus we only charge one simple flat fee for doing so!



High Quality Multimedia

Bring your content to life with HTML5. Our platform supports full-screen video and streaming of files from remote locations, so you can enrich your content with high quality video and audio.


Gain insight into how your readers engage and interact with your content. Our custom analytics package updates you on events such as issue opens, pageviews, dwell time, social sharing, link clicks and much more.

Deep Social Integration

The web was made for sharing. Make your content go viral through our inbuilt integrations with email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. You will have entirely customisable share text and images, you’re in control of your content’s social impact.

Branded Applications

We will help you to create a branded presence by releasing your very own app with custom graphics. You can continue to use your domain in order to advertise one simple branded URL for readers to access your content.

Push Notifications

Full support for Apple Push Notifications – let your readers know when new content is available and seamlessly push new downloads to subscribers in the background for an enhanced experience.

Dynamic Content

Encourage your readers to return to your publications by mixing curated content with dynamic feeds from the web. Poll for live twitter conversations and integrate real time data to keep your content fresh and compelling.

Custom Code

Because our platform is built using open web standards it is fully extensible. You have full control over creating bespoke functionality by embedding your choice of custom HTML, CSS and Javascript within your publications.

User Management

Need to restrict access to your content? No problem. Our flexible user accounts system allow you to grant access on a per publication basis by placing your content behind a secure login system.