Digital content viewing transcends the limitations of its physical counterpart: the newspaper or magazine to name a few. Traditionally on these analogue mediums the rule is the more content you need the more paper is required. With a digital screen, those limitations disappear because you have the flexibility to utilise layout options you could never do on a physical medium. One such feature is the ability to scroll up and down while remaining within a given view. Imagine being able to put two pages worth of text on to one page of a newspaper, you just couldn’t do it without reducing the point size of the text or trying to sacrificing other content such as images in order to cram the content on to a newspaper page.

You would initially think that on a tablet you have a smaller screen than the average newspaper or magazine and thus a smaller amount of content can be displayed, to the contrary, one could easily match or surpass the amount of content displayed on one page not to mention including multimedia that you could never currently display on a magazine or newspaper such as a video and audio.

Scrollable regions enable you to add extra content to a page and this feature is available to all of our customers. Here are a few examples of scrollable regions

The following video shows how the scrollable looks in the pages mentioned by Omar.

Click on the images to view the page on your device or computer.


The scrollable regions allow text and images to take their place on the page without the need to take up the space. You can specify the size and behavior of the scrollable regions. Whether it be horizontal or vertical or multidirectional. It could be thin or it could be wide it entirely up to you. In our documentation under “Preparing your files” then click on the scrollable regions and you can download an InDesign file which will explain how you specify your scrollable regions.

Sam Lewis, director of Aptus Interactive/

“The introduction of the scrollable feature has really been embraced by users of our platform. It is now an integral part of their design processes for delivering longer form editorial content. As usual our customers continually find new ways of using our technology with scrollable regions also being used to deliver such features as high quality, pannable close up images of products.”

We look forward to seeing your uses of the scrollable regions and are excited to see new exciting ways in which you implement them in your layouts and designs. For more examples of scrollable regions to get you going expand the list below. See how others are using scrollable regions not just for text but for exploring a zoomed in image for example.