Each Monday, we’ll take a look at the previous week and digifi.it!

FT Digital Subscribers make up 70% of Sales

Financial Times digital readers have increased by 14% to 520k, meaning they now represent 70% of the publication’s circulation. This news comes after it was announced the title had been sold to Japanese Media Company Nikkei. (Read the full story at Press Gazette.)

DGMT Share Price Drops 9%

Last week it was announced that whilst digital ad sales had increased for The Daily Mail, the increase could not cover the cost of the steady decline in print ad sales. As such, there was a steep fall in the share value (9%) of the publication. The Guardian has the full story here

MacBook Pro Data Corruption Issue

Creative types, hipsters, and other Mac-users beware! Last week tech-giant Apple released a firmware update to fix a problem on the new (15-inch 2015 Retina Model) MacBook’s flash storage component which had been reported to cause data corruption issues.The BBC has the full story.

Bing Releases Surprising User Stats

It seems funny to imagine Microsoft’s search engine Bing as ever being a threat to Google. So you might laugh if we told you Bing owns a third of the USA search market. Maybe they’re playing with the numbers, but just in case have a look at The Content Standard’s three tips for using Bing in your multi-platform advertising campaign.

Moz Local released for the UK

SEO Jedi knights Moz had a blast with Moz Local in the USA. Now they’ve rolled it out to the UK UK and, well, get over there! What does it do? In their words, Moz Local is here to “show you how accurately and completely your business is listed on the most important local search platforms and directories…” and much more.

Twitter’s “Project Lightning”

So Twitter has a ‘Flight conference’ in October. What’s on the menu? Much of it is a mystery but we do know that further integration of Twitter into app development is expected. Another exciting piece of news on the grapevine is ‘Project Lightning’, where logged-out users can enjoy curated content tailored to current live events.