The platform has become synonymous with magazines aimed at engaging and mobilising consumers. However, increasingly large numbers of brands are turning to to create internal and external corporate communications to further motivate and immerse stakeholders in comparison to more traditional print or online methods.


If digital media has become the most accepted and expected method of communicating information to a target audience, why are so many companies still relying on print or PDF documents when communicating with their stakeholders? Employee retention is a critical success factor for any business, making the way you connect with your employee base as important as how you communicate with your clients and customers. With, you can communicate relevant information and create a connection between the employee and the company in an interactive and visually stimulating manner that will get their attention and create impact.

The platform works with the latest open web standards, making corporate communications created with available across all platforms and mobile devices. Making corporate communications available to stakeholders on their personal devices gives you a higher rate of interactivity with the materials, as recipients can access your content at a time and place which is convenient for them rather than waiting to be in reach of their desktop computers.

Sending communications digitally rather than via hard-copy mail also makes a big difference for companies with international stakeholders. With, you can send all of your content instantly to anyone around the world, bringing your global company together with access to important information indiscriminate of country or time zone. Furthermore, with the option to download the content and view offline, your communications are truly available anywhere!

Lastly, once your content is beautifully digifi-ed with interactive and animated content, remember that your stakeholders shouldn’t view this content in isolation. The content should feed back into an employee’s experience of working at your company, and also into their social networks. Be sure to have an active and user-friendly social network strategy, so your stakeholders can stay engaged after interacting with your official communications. And remember, digifi-ed content is easily shared on all social networking sites!