In July we announced a new customisable feature to our web reader – custom loading screens.

The ability to customise the loading graphic was part of a wider project to better control the way the web reader loads image elements required when a page loads. Version 4.0 of our web reader will now present a loading graphic over the page until all elements with a display value of true are loaded. This now means that a reader will not see the page and any on load animate actions will not be triggered until all the elements required as part of those action are loaded. This ensures that the page is presented to the reader only when it can be displayed exactly how it was designed.

This feature also allows you to customise your loading graphic to further brand and style the reader experience to your needs. It is the first of many new features we will be adding to the web reader in the next few months.

Since launching the custom loading screen feature two months ago we have seen two of our clients implement this feature in their publications. The first to use custom loading graphics was Rio Ferdinand’s Magazine #5 Magazine by Anorak. The creatives over at Anorak used the logo of the magazine and filed the image starting from left to right the image would gradually fill the logo as the assets loads. They also included a percentage that sits on the bottom of the logo.

Read Rio Ferdinand’s Number 5

OurThe second publication to make use of this feature was the Dream for Honda magazine by The River Group who used the Dream logo to fill the image from left to right in white from a light grey.

View Dream for Honda

We look forward to seeing what else you surprise us with when you create your own custom loading screens, we have already seen some fantastic ideas from some of our clients who have got in contact with us regarding this feature. To get your own custom loading screen make sure you read our custom loading screen documentation.