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The Habits of Brits: Social Media, Online News and Mobile Apps

The Ofcom 2015 Communications Market Report was released last week, and it revealed some interesting findings about the behaviours of people living in the UK. For example, can you believe sending and receiving email is the second most common internet activity after general web browsing? We would have thought it would be Candy Crush.

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The Reality of Print vs. Digital

At, we’re all about promoting the benefits of digifi-ing publishable content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re contributing to a conversation as old as the internet itself: Print vs. Digital Publishing.

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Each Monday, we’ll take a look at the previous week and!

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I Can Has Viral Content? – Brands and the Power of the Meme.


This Friday the team at have been taking a look at the weird (very weird) and wonderful world of internet memes, and how brand managers can use the phenomenon to market to the vast online community that creates them.

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Digifi your Corporate Communications

The platform has become synonymous with magazines aimed at engaging and mobilising consumers. However, increasingly large numbers of brands are turning to to create internal and external corporate communications to further motivate and immerse stakeholders in comparison to more traditional print or online methods.


If digital media has become the most accepted and expected method of communicating information to a target audience, why are so many companies still relying on print or PDF documents when communicating with their stakeholders? Read More