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Reflecting on our inaugural Apprenticeship Programme

It has been truly inspiring to read about the fantastic success stories highlighted by National Apprentice Week 2014. In all of these I have seen the same incredible contribution that our apprentices have made to our business over the last 12 months. On a personal level I am of course extremely proud to look back how they have seized the opportunity we gave them and the way they have developed not only as employees but as people. However, as a hard headed business man I also see how they have benefited our company. Our business is all about our people and the amazing, innovative software solutions we develop for leading household name brands, but we are not a charity and everyone has to contribute 100% to earn their place. The biggest compliment I can pay our apprentices is that after only a couple of weeks I saw them as full members of our team, as colleagues rather apprentices. Read More

How you can benefit from using Twitter cards to promote your content

Last year Twitter introduced a new way of presenting tweets in a more engaging way. It allowed partner websites to display tweets that when expanded revealed content previews, images videos and more. These are called Twitter cards and were at first only available to partners. Now Twitter Cards are open to anyone with a twitter account and their content. Read More

Feature in depth: Scrollable regions

Digital content viewing transcends the limitations of its physical counterpart: the newspaper or magazine to name a few. Traditionally on these analogue mediums the rule is the more content you need the more paper is required. With a digital screen, those limitations disappear because you have the flexibility to utilise layout options you could never do on a physical medium. One such feature is the ability to scroll up and down while remaining within a given view. Imagine being able to put two pages worth of text on to one page of a newspaper, you just couldn’t do it without reducing the point size of the text or trying to sacrificing other content such as images in order to cram the content on to a newspaper page. Read More