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Psychic Today on Have I Got News for You

As you may or may not have noticed one of our clients featured on Have I got News for You last Friday. Read More

Living Life in the Fast Lane

The release of Motoring Classics this week provided us with a suitable excuse to go karting. Our tenuously linked celebration of the magazine’s summer edition turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener. I have only this to say; if you want a person’s true colours to emerge stick them behind a wheel in a karting track and see what happens. Read More

Handy to Have Joao About

The creation of our new website required a little bit of filmmaking. Joao informed us that he had once played Hamlet in a small but critically-acclaimed production in Algueirã-Mem Martins and after an impressive audition and much deliberation we decided to cast him in the equally challenging role of ‘Web Browser and Coffee Drinker’.

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You know when you’ve been digified

All the excitement about our re-brand inspired us to mark the event properly by investing in some personalised clothing. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the™ hoodie, beautifully modelled by our director Sam Lewis. Read More