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Third App hits Android, Kindle Apps on their way.

We are pleased to announce that our third Android app is now on the google play store. Joining Fujifilm X Magazine and Two Magazine, the Co-operative Food magazine is now available on Android. Read More

Co-operative Food Magazine Issue 11 and now on Android

Co-operative Food Magazine Issue 11 November December 2013 Read More

Two Magazine, Now on Android

Two Magazine is now available on Android. Launched last week. This marks the first Native Android application on the platform. Instead of viewing a magazine via the browser on an android device, your readers can now view the magazine natively, powered by the device’s hardware in a more consistent experience. This also means that Android users no longer need to be online to view a Magazine, as the native app can download issues for viewing offline.

Get the Two Magazine on your Android Device

Android app on Google Play

Look out for more Android app launches right here.

The Watch Magazine Now with a creative loading animation

We are please to announce that The Watch Magazine have now added a creative loading screen for their magazine.

In July we announced a new feature of the content reader on the web which allows you to customise your loading screen experience. We explained how “We removed the bright white screen with the old spinner and replaced it with a more modern practical screen to improve the experience for your readers.” We did this by toning down the colour from a stark white to a more darker grey. Read More

How you can benefit from using Twitter cards to promote your content

Last year Twitter introduced a new way of presenting tweets in a more engaging way. It allowed partner websites to display tweets that when expanded revealed content previews, images videos and more. These are called Twitter cards and were at first only available to partners. Now Twitter Cards are open to anyone with a twitter account and their content. Read More