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Alex tells us about his apprenticeship

Alex tells us about his Software Engineering apprenticeship. What made you consider an apprenticeship? I find that I learn best whilst doing rather than from a textbook so I wanted something that would give me the opportunity to learn on the job. An apprenticeship offered me the best of both worlds – practical training in Read More

Apprenticeships – Our Story #NAW2014


As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2014 we are highlighting the tremendous contributions our apprentices have made to our company while also helping other companies who are contemplating taking on apprentices understand how they can benefit from the programme. We used our software, the software our apprentices have been helping us design, build and maintain to create a short piece telling our story. Read More

Reflecting on our inaugural Apprenticeship Programme

It has been truly inspiring to read about the fantastic success stories highlighted by National Apprentice Week 2014. In all of these I have seen the same incredible contribution that our apprentices have made to our business over the last 12 months. On a personal level I am of course extremely proud to look back how they have seized the opportunity we gave them and the way they have developed not only as employees but as people. However, as a hard headed business man I also see how they have benefited our company. Our business is all about our people and the amazing, innovative software solutions we develop for leading household name brands, but we are not a charity and everyone has to contribute 100% to earn their place. The biggest compliment I can pay our apprentices is that after only a couple of weeks I saw them as full members of our team, as colleagues rather apprentices. Read More

Dare is now on kindle

Dare magazine has long since been on the web via HTML5 and on the iPad and iPhone. Now Dare by River is available on Amazon’s Kindle range of tablets. Read More

E-reader design refresh

Fashions and trends seem to change faster the ever these days meaning that it is vital to constantly review our user interface designs to ensure that they enhance rather than detract from the fantastic visual content published through the platform.

When we got together to review e-reader web application and it’s interface it without doubt looked dated, especially through the prism of the new flat iOS!. In addition we felt that it no longer reflected the many features we have added over the last year and also the brand transformation that had gone through. We rebranded ourselves with a modern, open and bold makeover. From the colour we used, the typeface we chose and to the tone of voice we portrayed a tremendous amount of work went into transforming the company image. Yet the e-reader was left unchanged. In the meeting we set out to address the e-readers’ current state and bring it inline with our transformation. We agreed that we wanted to have a more contemporary, clean look and feel. Read More