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Promoting your apps with store badges

This is a quick post about promoting your app store applications, in posters, flyers or online in blog posts, websites and adverts. Now that you have your iOS and Android app – if you don’t then what are you waiting for contact us here – you want to be able to easily direct users to your app and indicate to them that you are on the app store that they use. Often on the underground you see applications advertised in carriages with the app store badges placed from various stores. Or you may see a television advert that displays these badges. On the web you may have come across these and clicked on them to grab an app. You too can display an app badge for both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for Android. You can grab the icons here: Apple iTunes App Store badge Google play store badge These files include vector images so whether they will be printed on a flyer or blown up to be displayed on a billboard on the high street they will look perfect at any time. On our own website we had the following banner displayed: banner Here we used the android badge to link directly to the application This could be done with the above files however Google have a nifty little generator that allows you to input the app details and then generate a piece of html code for you to place on your website. It will ask for the package name, this is a section of the URL of the play store link. Example: Two Magazine on the play store has the following URL so in the package name copy and paste and then hit generate. Try it now. Google play store badge Generator