Monthly Archives: July 2015

Which 9-5 TV character are you?

At the office, there’s definitely more than a few characters. Whether it’s the directors gathering everyone around for a David Brent-esque singalong, or the IT staff channeling the IT Crowd when they ask if you’ve “turned it off and on again.”
This Friday, find out which famous 9-5 sitcom character you are with our survey! Tweet us your results @digifi_it.

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Page-Turning No More

Adobe Flash was once the dominant, de-facto standard for creating rich media experiences – considered the only option to deliver animation, video and audio to large numbers of users. The downside to this arrangement was that Adobe would beg the end-user constantly for updates (which you would have hoped they wouldn’t need so urgently so often), as well as using up huge amounts of CPU, occasionally causing the browser or desktop to become unresponsive.
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#digifiroundup 27/07

Each Monday, we’ll take a look at the previous week and!

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Music to get you through the workday

The fact that most of us listen to music during the workday is no secret, at least here at the headquarters. Spotify released a study last year on people’s music habits during their 9-5s, which showed about two-thirds of people listen to something at their desks, claiming it made them both happier and more productive.

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The Reality of Print vs. Digital

At, we’re all about promoting the benefits of digifi-ing publishable content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re contributing to a conversation as old as the internet itself: Print vs. Digital Publishing.

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