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Psychic today Issue 25 January 2014

Psychic Today January 2014 Issue 25

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to a brand new year – and a brand new you. It’s all fresh starts, new beginnings and – dare we say it – resolutions, here at Psychic Today, and we hope that once you’ve read this month’s special new year issue, you’ll walk away with a spring in your step and some determination to make 2014 YOUR year.

But before we start talking resolutions and makeovers – drum roll please – the results of the Psychic Awards 2013 are in. You’ve been frantically nominating and voting for your favourite psychics, so without further ado, flick straight to page 14 to find out who scooped what award. Read More

The Co-operative food Magazine Issue 12 January/February 2014

The Co-operative food Magazine January/February Read More

Issue 16 of Two Magazine out now

So it’s cheerio to yet another year! A time when many of us find ourselves in a reflective mood, thinking about the past year’s achievements and what goals we may set for the next. It can also be a time to consider the things that didn’t quite go to plan and what cialis for a 20 year old we can do to improve upon that. All of our goals will vary greatly from each others, be it weight loss and fitness, starting a course, learning a new language, some simple self improvements or even cutting back on commitments to spend more time on ourselves or with our families. Read More