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E-reader design refresh

Fashions and trends seem to change faster the ever these days meaning that it is vital to constantly review our user interface designs to ensure that they enhance rather than detract from the fantastic visual content published through the platform.

When we got together to review e-reader web application and it’s interface it without doubt looked dated, especially through the prism of the new flat iOS!. In addition we felt that it no longer reflected the many features we have added over the last year and also the brand transformation that had gone through. We rebranded ourselves with a modern, open and bold makeover. From the colour we used, the typeface we chose and to the tone of voice we portrayed a tremendous amount of work went into transforming the company image. Yet the e-reader was left unchanged. In the meeting we set out to address the e-readers’ current state and bring it inline with our transformation. We agreed that we wanted to have a more contemporary, clean look and feel. Read More

Minerva Jan/Feb 2014 Issue

Minerva Jan/Feb 2014 Issue

What’s in the current edition?
* Musing on a mystery
* Women of Rome
* The Lure of the Nile
* Squaring the circle
* One man and Read More

Dream for Honda Winter 2013 now available

Dream for Honda Winter 2013

In the winter edition of Dream, we take you to one of the most challenging and exciting motorbike races, Weston Beach Race. Watch our exclusive video here. We go behind the scenes to preview the Civic Tourer. In showrooms from January, Honda’s latest car is a balance of style and versatility. We also take a road trip to Manchester in the new Read More

Powder magazine out now

Frozen In Time presented by The North Face

Powder, The Skier’s Magazine, gathered content from filmmakers Sherpas Cinema, photographer Adam Clark, and The North Face athletes Angel and Johnny Collinson and Ian McIntosh to tell a rich story in full multimedia format. Featuring words, photos, and videos, Frozen In Time documents a 12-day trip to Denali National Park in April 2013, where the eight-person crew set up base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier and skied first descents on the lower flanks of Mount Hunter. Read More

Issue 15 of Two Magazine out now

Two Magazine Issue 15

Once again the TWO magazine boys are biting their finger nails as I leave my editorial to the eleventh hour…

So, at the time of writing Nic and I are sitting on the train on our way on our way to the digital magazine awards. It’s so strange as it only feels like yesterday we were locked in a dark room at Pixiwoo HQ discussing the idea of producing our own magazine. We’d love to pick up an award but we know the competition is fierce as there’s a few of other great mags out there – we’ve been practicing our gracious loser faces all morning! But the thing is, winning is just not important… really! Read More