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The Maior issue 2

The Maior Issue 2

In this issue, we’ve talked to, filmed and photographed: graphic artist Noma Bar, master chocolatier Paul A Young, actress Lara Heller, footballer Stephanie Houghton, musician MMOTHS and DJ, broadcaster and label boss Giles Peterson. We hope you enjoy this latest collection of voices, thoughts and images. Read More

Psychic Today September Issue

Psychic Today September 2013 Issue

This month’s fabulous issue is keen to see you striving and thriving to the best you can be. Whether that’s setting foot on the path to professional success in the world of work (go to page 12 for our checklist of essential workplace skills) or wising up to the friends only out to put you down and drain your energy (our guide to spotting and sorting toxic friendships on page 22 could tell you all you need to know). Now’s the time to move on and up to become an even happier you! Read More

Motoring Classics Autumn Issue

Motoring Classics Autumn Issue
Show me an adult car enthusiast and I’ll show you somebody who almost certainly played with four-wheeled toys when they were young. Like all markets, that for model vehicles changes with time and we interviewed expert Julian Royse to establish which miniatures are currently making the money – his observations could well see you heading for your loft! Read More

Custom Loading screens

In July we announced a new customisable feature to our web reader – custom loading screens.

The ability to customise the loading graphic was part of a wider project to better control the way the web reader loads image elements required when a page loads. Version 4.0 of our web reader will now present a loading graphic over the page until all elements with a display value of true are loaded. This now means that a reader will not see the page and any on load animate actions will not be triggered until all the elements required as part of those action are loaded. This ensures that the page is presented to the reader only when it can be displayed exactly how it was designed. Read More