Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Watch Magazine Now with a creative loading animation

We are please to announce that The Watch Magazine have now added a creative loading screen for their magazine.

In July we announced a new feature of the content reader on the web which allows you to customise your loading screen experience. We explained how “We removed the bright white screen with the old spinner and replaced it with a more modern practical screen to improve the experience for your readers.” We did this by toning down the colour from a stark white to a more darker grey. Read More

Page of the month – September 2013

So this is the inaugural post that celebrates our clients’ creativity with how they choose to leverage the capabilities of the platform. Every month we will dedicate a post to a particular page that we feel has surprised us, impressed us and more importantly taken advantage of the system to stun and amaze. Read More

How you can benefit from using Twitter cards to promote your content

Last year Twitter introduced a new way of presenting tweets in a more engaging way. It allowed partner websites to display tweets that when expanded revealed content previews, images videos and more. These are called Twitter cards and were at first only available to partners. Now Twitter Cards are open to anyone with a twitter account and their content. Read More

E-reader release 4.01

4.01 is a minor release containing the following updates:


  • Fixes a bug with detection of Share events via the Open_URL page action. Where a tootip of Share [Medium] is specified the medium e.g. Facebook will be passed into Mixpanel with a Share event.

HTML Widget

Introduces support for the following:

  • Detection of drag events within the HTML widget to allow for zooming within the e-reader interface.
  • Detection of keyboard events within the HTML widget to allow for page changing via the arrow keys.
  • Option to open URLs within the HTML widget itself or externally.

Honda Pro Racing Line Issue 2

Honda Racing Issue 2 HondaProRacing Line takes motorcycle racing fans right inside the fast-moving and colourful world of HondaProRacing and brings it all to life on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. If it involves speed, passion or outrageous talent on Honda’s racing motorcycles – either on short circuits, the roads, or the dirt – then you’ll find it in the pages of HondaProRacing cialis generic Line. Read More