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Feature in depth: Scrollable regions

Digital content viewing transcends the limitations of its physical counterpart: the newspaper or magazine to name a few. Traditionally on these analogue mediums the rule is the more content you need the more paper is required. With a digital screen, those limitations disappear because you have the flexibility to utilise layout options you could never do on a physical medium. One such feature is the ability to scroll up and down while remaining within a given view. Imagine being able to put two pages worth of text on to one page of a newspaper, you just couldn’t do it without reducing the point size of the text or trying to sacrificing other content such as images in order to cram the content on to a newspaper page. Read More

Web reader update July 2013

We are always very busy and hard at work improving our services and updating with new features.

Another addition is the ability to customise the loading screen. We have removed the bright white screen with the old spinner and replaced it with a more modern practical screen to improve the experience for your readers. Read More

The Watch Magazine – Issue 5

The Watch Magazine

1957 – 2012: Moon Phases
To the Moon and beyond with Omega’s Speedmaster Read More

Digital Magazine Awards 2013

The Digital Magazine Awards 2013 is not too far away and is an event where we celebrate the best in digital magazines. Launched in 2010, the digital Magazine Awards recognises the hard work that goes into the production, design, engineering and distribution of the digital magazines.

Bruce Hudson, the Chairman of Digital Magazine awards explains the reason why he launched the awards :” I felt there was a need to celebrate the amazing work happening in the sector and decided to create a global awards. I hope it might help anyone in the sector to be inspired and also acknowledge the hard work being put in by individuals working from home through to the large publishing houses. Read More

New Honda Pro Racing Linepublication

You have seen Honda Dream before, now theres a new magazine on the block. Honda Proracing Line

Honda ProRacing Line takes you right inside the fast-moving and colourful world of HondaProRacing and brings it all to life on your mobile, tablet or desktop. If it involves speed, passion or outrageous talent on Honda’s racing motorcycles – either on short circuits, the roads, or the dirt – then you’ll find it in these pages. The Honda ProRacing Line app gives you exclusive access to interactive stories, interviews and features focused on Honda Pro Racing teams, their motorcycles and their riders. It’s packed full of incisive articles, stunning images and dynamic videos, all mixed with Honda’s true passion for motorcycle sport. Read More