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Industry Round-up 14th June 2013

Been too busy to check out the latest digital publishing news? Do not worry! Here is our weekly round-up of the most interesting news and opinion in the digital industry. Read More

May/June edition of Minerva

Minerva- May/ June 2013
Having had my fortune told by a rabbit (in Turkey), a budgerigar (in Iran) and a dove (in Armenia), I feel that the art of divination has really gone downhill in recent centuries. At least, in Delphi, the Ancient Greeks could consult a real woman, even if she was hallucinating Read More

SkateBoarder Magazine- Issue 2

SkateBoarder Magazine- Issue 2

This new issue features an exclusive video ‘Gurus in the Ganges’ with Sean Malto, Mark Suciu, Sebo Walker and Nestor Judkins travelling deep into India to witness the largest gathering of human beings ever. Check out an interview with Brian Delatorre and this issue’s focus piece Read More

Platform Updates

We are pleased to announce a further upgrade to our web based e-reader which brings with it the following new functionality:

Twitter Embedded Timelines

After upgrading to Twitter’s new API (v1.1) we now support the their Embedded Timeline  which replaces their Join the Conversation widget. Read More

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference

After weeks of rumours, speculation and gossiping Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference began in San Francisco yesterday. With absolutely no leaks from the company ahead of the conference (unlike at previous Apple events) there has been a lot of anticipation, even by Apple’s usual standards, simply because Read More