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IC Tomorrow’s Digital Innovation Contest

Hackney Councillor Guy Nicholson opened Digital Shoreditch 2013 last week with a speech highlighting the increasing importance of digital startups for Britain’s economic future. He went so far as to say that rapid development in the technology sector could represent the most significant economic change in the UK since the start of the Read More

Motoring Classics- Summer 2013 Edition

Motoring Classics- Summer 2013

According to Michael Ware, the former curator of the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, there are an incredible 143 car museums in the UK. No doubt they all have something interesting to offer, but we cut to the chase and persuaded him to pick his favourite five- see Curator’s Choice for the result. Read More

Skateboarder Magazine Launches Digital First Platform

Skateboarder Magazine Launches Free Digital Magazine for Web and Tablet, Scraps Subscription-Based Print Mag for Collectible Specialty Retail-Only Magazine and Creates Unique Web-Centric Content Hub

PRESS RELEASE: SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., April 16, 2013 – GrindMedia, the nation’s leading action and adventure sports media company, announces SKATEBOARDER Magazine’s innovative new digital-first content platform driven by the launch of its new, free, online video-based magazine and web-centric content platform. Nearly 50 years after SKATEBOARDER Magazine debuted the world’s first skateboarding publication, the pioneer is again changing the game by creating content platforms suited for today’s skate audience. Read More

Industry round-up 24th May 2013

The Digital Shoreditch Festival begins, Adobe and AOP announce their shortlists for the 2013 Digital Publishing Awards and an adventurer makes the first ever smartphone video call from the top of Everest.

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Living Life in the Fast Lane

The release of Motoring Classics this week provided us with a suitable excuse to go karting. Our tenuously linked celebration of the magazine’s summer edition turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener. I have only this to say; if you want a person’s true colours to emerge stick them behind a wheel in a karting track and see what happens. Read More