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3 Digifi awards from Appstore Rewind and DMA's


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Rio Ferdinand's #5 Magazine

By Anorak

#5 Magazine is the world’s first digital lifestyle magazine with England and Manchester United football player Rio Ferdinand as Editor-In-Chief and brand ambassador.

It champions the best in sport, fashion, celebrity, technology, music, film, gaming, art and contemporary lifestyle. #5 Magazine is free to read and is distributed bi-monthly online and in the App Store.

#5 Magazine


15 Magazine

By Digital Media Room

Welcome to issue 5 of the new look 15 Magazine.

This digital magazine provides the reader with the ultimate interactive experience, including interviews and features with the biggest rugby stars.

15 Magazine


The Watch Magazine

By Watch Finder

The Watch Magazine is the perfect interactive ‘ezine’ for anyone with an interest in watches.

With over 50,000 downloads, TWM is one of the most popular watch magazines available. Why? Download it and see for yourself. It is stacked with watch news, reviews and fully interactive features. Read biopics on legends such as Chuck Yeager and explorations into the mind-blowing technology of watchmaking.

There are also competitions to win fabulous prizes and buyer’s guides to keep you on the pulse of the watch world.

View The Watch Magazine

Legacy 2014

Scottish Government/Legacy2014/Consolidated PR

By Consolidated PR

Scotland is ready for 2014 and what will be the greatest ever Commonwealth Games.

This is the biggest sporting and cultural event Scotland has hosted and will leave an impact far beyond 2014. In fact, our legacy journey has already begun. Communities are already benefiting from Scotland hosting the Games. New facilities are helping people of all ages to enjoy active healthy lives and we are capitalising on the economic opportunities of the Games to leave a lasting sporting, social and business legacy.

People can be inspired by the world-class sporting competition and the local and national projects all around them. This is Scotland’s legacy. Be part of it.

Scotland’s Games Legacy



By Grind Media

Powder, The Skier’s Magazine, follows filmmakers Sherpas Cinema, photographer Adam Clark, and The North Face athletes Angel and Johnny Collinson and Ian McIntosh to tell an inspiring story in a beautiful multimedia format.

View Powder


Man V Fat

Start Digital

Man v Fat is a completely free digital magazine that champions and supports men who want to lose weight. It’s published by an award-winning team who passionately believe in supporting you and your weight loss.

JOIN NOW FOR FREE. It was launched by a crowdfunding campaign that raised thousands of pounds and rallied tens of thousands of supporters. It’s been featured in The Daily Mail and The Telegraph and supported by Jamie Oliver.

If you’re a man who wants to lose weight – read, join and win the battle of man v fat.

Man v Fat

Digifi.it HTML 5 logo

We’ve seen the future

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Our platform uses the latest in cutting edge, open web standards. Your content is available where your readers are on mobile and desktop.


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If your audience is connected – we can reach them! With our mix of native apps and cutting-edge HTML5 web reader, your content will always be accessible on whichever device your audience uses.

Newsstand & iOS

Our apps use the latest iOS8 features allowing you to seamlessly deliver your content directly through Newsstand and the iTunes app store; a gateway for millions of new readers to discover your content.

Animation Toolkit

Harness the power of our flexible animation engine to add interactivity: popups, scrollable text & images, galleries, animated elements, fades and more! The only limit is your imagination!

Fully Hosted Solution

No technical know-how required! All your creations are hosted on our Content Delivery Network, meaning no need for additional infrastructure. What’s more, we only charge you one simple flat fee for doing so!


High Quality Multimedia

Bring your content to life with HTML5. Our platform supports full-screen video and streaming of files from remote locations, so you can enrich your content with embedded high quality video and audio files.


Gain deep insights into how your readers interact with your content. Our custom analytics package reports on such events as issue opens, page views, dwell time, social sharing, link clicks and much more.

Deep Social Integration

The web was made for sharing. Enable your content to go viral through our inbuilt integrations with email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. With entirely customisable share text and images, you’re in control of your content’s social impact.

Branded Applications

We will help you to create a branded presence by releasing your very own app with custom graphics. You can continue to use your domain in order to advertise one simple branded URL for readers to access your content.

Graphic Design intern wanted


Detailed specifications and sample resources to help you make the most of the digifi.it platform.

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Interactive Docs

View our brand new interactive documentation. Built using the digifi.it platform.

Interactive Documentation 

FAQ & Privacy

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The Co-operative Food Magazine

by River

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Our Blog

Promoting your apps with store badges

This is a quick post about promoting your app store applications, in posters, flyers or online in blog posts, websites and adverts. Now that you have your iOS and Android app – if you don’t then what are you waiting for contact us here – you want to be able to easily direct users to your app and indicate to them that you are on the app store that they use. Often on the underground you see applications advertised in carriages with the app store badges placed from various stores. Or you may see a television advert that displays these badges. On the web you may have come across these and clicked on them to grab an app. You too can display an app badge for both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for Android. You can grab the icons here: Apple iTunes App Store badge Google play store badge These files include vector images so whether they will be printed on a flyer or blown up to be displayed on a billboard on the high street they will look perfect at any time. On our own website we had the following banner displayed: banner Here we used the android badge to link directly to the application This could be done with the above files however Google have a nifty little generator that allows you to input the app details and then generate a piece of html code for you to place on your website. It will ask for the package name, this is a section of the URL of the play store link. Example: Two Magazine on the play store has the following URL https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aptusi.android.twomagazine&hl=en_GB so in the package name copy and paste com.aptusi.android.twomagazine and then hit generate. Try it now. Google play store badge Generator

It has been a busy few months that has seen us release updates to the e-reader bringing features to the platform such as stacks, loading graphics, HTML Widgets and much more. With the release of the Android application, users of those devices now have a greatly improved and far more enjoyable experience meaning users are no longer at the mercy of a browser to view their favourite content. With the native Android app Users can now view content offline and also receive notifications of new issues enabling you to retain your readers and ensure they comeback to read the next issue. The web version of the reader which we refer to as the e-reader as seen a dramatic overhaul of its design and usability. The look and feel was updated to modern look. By using feedback and usage statistics we were able to ascertain the areas of the reader that were being used a lot or not being used at all. We also began to bring our branding into the user interface but in a subtle and minimal way. Both the android app and the e-reader were designed with careful consideration for the content that you our clients produce. Let’s dive into how the e-reader redesign was planned, designed and executed. Furthermore, we will explore how the new design improves upon the previous user interface. When we had our meeting the general consensus was that the interface was dated. In addition we felt that it no longer reflected the many features we added and also the brand transformation that digifi.it was going through. Previously known as either kindmags or Aptus, we rebranded ourselves with a modern, open and bold makeover. From the colour we used, the typeface we chose and to the tone of voice we portrayed, a tremendous amount of work went into transforming the company image. Yet the e-reader that was built only a few years ago was left unchanged. In the meeting we set out to address the e-readers current state and bring it inline with our transformation. We agreed that we wanted to have a more modern look. At the time it resembled the look of the early versions of iOS, however it looked outdated and didn’t reflect the under the hood improvements we had made over the years. When I joined the company the first thing I did was to re-brand the company. We had high ambitions, we had a strong and powerful platform that is capable of enabling content to be viewed cross platform on a multitude of devices and we were one of the very first to do so. I went away, researched, sketched and followed the direction user interface design was trending towards. When you look at the big three software ecosystems as well as the wider user interface design industry. This style ushers in the principles of swiss design which in turn inspired the bauhaus movement. The bauhaus movement, swiss design and the current flat UI trend ion my view have a number of principles in common: Simplicity, clarity and focus. The bauhuas movement flowed around the idea of stripping something down to its practical form and doing away with finishings and adornments. Its why we use a sans serif font rather than a serif, though you get increased legibility the serif fonts due to the ‘serifs’, acenders and other details that are not seen or reduced on the sans-serif fonts, we choose to use Open Sans which conveyed a friendly feel. Technically it also

Fujifilm X Magazine

Written for Fujifilm X-series users, every issue of X Magazine comes packed with stunning images, the very latest news, product tests, competitions, interviews and inspirational ideas to help you get better photographs.

An interactive magazine full of informative and entertaining content, it’s the perfect read for any photographer who already owns an X-series camera or is considering buying one in the future.

Psychic Today Issue October 2013

Psychic Today Issue October 2013


separating an object from its background in a photograph using photoshop

I have been asked how I replaced a player’s rugby ball with a phone, with the tutorial for that here. But I have also been asked how to separate an object from its background which I will guide you through in this tutorial. This is the example that is used in 15 Rugby Magazine. Here you see the player sliding from off the screen right into view in quite a realistic manner. This can be tricky to do and the prerequisites are that you need an image that does not have too complex of a background. Furthermore the object you would like to move should hopefully be easy to isolate from its background or surrounding objects and features. In this image the grass and the background are quite simple – this is ideal because later on we are going to clone parts of it to fill in the area our object once resided in. The first thing we want to do is isolate our player so we can have a separate layer with just our rugby player. To do this we use the magnetic lasso tool. Ensure your frequency is set to 70 and adjust your contrast accordingly. The contrast setting is how photoshop determines the edge of the object you are trying to select. If the object has a similar colour and brightness to its background you will need to adjust your settings. Go around the object with the magnetic lasso tool and take extra care when doing so. Go slowly and steadily. When you have reached the point you started at and the object has a selection line round it. Right click and select “Layer via Copy”. This will take your object onto its own layer. Go ahead and use the move tool to move your object around. Now chances are it is not a clean cut out with parts of the background still attached to your object. What you will need to do now is to use the eraser tool to remove the small sections of background still attached. Zoom in really close to an affected area. Select the eraser tool. Change its size until it is quite small. Select a brush shape that has feathering around it i.e. not a solid circle but one with a soft edge. This will allow you to clean away parts of the new layer without it looking like it was badly cut out in Microsoft paint. Depending on how well you cut out your object you may find that you have to clean up quite a few areas until you are happy with your cut out. When you move this cut out layer you realise that below is a static version of your object still stubbornly part of the original image. Now the next step is to replace it with more of the background! This part requires careful consideration of how realistic your background should look. Your aim is to make this background look as if there was no object, in this case rugby player, in it at all! For this we use the clone tool. In this image the background has a common horizontal

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